From Kanye West to Beyoncé, every state’s richest celebrity revealed

From Kanye West to Beyoncé, every state’s richest celebrity revealed

It comes as no surprise that many American athletes, singers, actors, business people, and others in the entertainment industry across the country are, well, multi-millionaires.

What you may not have considered is who the most financially successful person from each state has turned out to be.

Recent data mapped out by StatsPanda on Instagram now shows who is the wealthiest public figure from each US state.

According to recent data published by StatsPanda on Instagram, there are many faces that we would expect to be the most affluent in certain states ... along with some unexpected ones.

Below are the five wealthiest celebrities in the biggest and most populous states by net worth. And the full map can be found above.

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1) George Lucas - California

George LucasGeorge LucasGetty Images

George Lucas, a director, producer, screenwriter, and screenwriter known for creating the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise, is from Modesto, California, and is reportedly worth $8bn.

From the successes of the films mentioned above, it makes sense.

2) Ariana Grande - Florida

Ariana GrandeAriana GrandeGetty Images

Ariana Grande is from Boca Raton, Florida. Having made a name for herself in the acting world on the Nickelodeon series Victorious and then transitioning into a celebrated pop vocalist, Grande is worth $150m.

3) Donald Trump - New York

Donald TrumpDonald TrumpGetty Images

The former commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, grew up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York, and is the son of a real estate mogul who went on to grow his fortune to $2bn.

4) Ye (Kanye West) - Georgia

Kanye WestKanye WestGetty Images for Fast Company

The rapper, whose music origins began in Chicago, Illinois, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is reportedly worth a whopping $3.2bn.

His extensive music career, clothing and sneaker endeavours played a part in growing his massive fortune.

5) Beyoncé - Texas

Beyonc\u00e9BeyoncéGetty Images for The Recording A

Legendary R&B singer Beyonce has had an extensive career in the entertainment industry, lamenting her net worth at $500m.

Honourable mentions in the land of the richest celebrities include successful director Steven Spielberg from Cincinnati, Ohio, worth $7bn, and television presenter and personality Oprah Winfrey, who hails from Kosciusko, Mississippi is worth $3.5bn.

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