Vanessa Hudgens sparks outrage after posing in a cemetery calling it her ‘happy place’

It’s ‘spooky season’ but Vanessa Hudgens might have taken it one step too far.

The actor posted an image on Instagram of her posing next to gravestones in New York’s Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

The caption previously read: “Happy place”.

In the picture, Hudgens is wearing all black and posing in a mask.

Since posting the photo a day ago, Hudgens has now changed the caption to: “Searching for that headless horseman.”

In the comments, fans expressed their distaste in the initial caption.

One user posted: “Why would you pose in a cemetery and post ‘happy place’? Bruh’.

Another commented: “um am I the only one who finds that disrespectful”.

Fans were pretty disappointed by this on Twitter too:

This isn't the first time this year that Hudgens sparked fury.

In March, she had to apologise after posting a "heartless" video about elderly people dying of coronavirus.

Perhaps these remarks would be better saved for a group chat? Or a journal?

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