Von Miller has explained the meaning behind his viral triangle haircut

Von Miller has explained the meaning behind his viral triangle haircut
Buffalo Bills Week 1 Fantasy Standouts

Buffalo Bills star linebacker Von Miller has revealed the true meaning behind his cutting-edge triangular hairstyle that went viral and left fans baffled.

The Bills made a mark for themselves in the NFL season opener over the Los Angeles Rams, with a dominating victory over the defending Super Bowl champs.

And Miller made a bold statement in more ways than one.

The athlete notched two sacks against the team he received a championship ring with in February, according to The Sporting News.

But before the game even started, Miller's presence was felt across the field.

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He was captured sporting a unique look on the back of his head; his hair was cut into a triangle shape, which caught the eyes of viewers around the country.

Taking to Instagram last week, Miller explained the look, noting that it has to do with "cycles of growth."

"A triangle represents manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective. It is often used to mark the cycles of growth that lead to a higher state of being," he captioned the post.

"Spiritually, it represents a path towards enlightenment or connection to an omnipresent being. Energetically, triangles direct energy and power in the direction which they point. "

However, during an episode of his podcast, The Von Cast Podcast, he said the hairdo was merely something he liked, and there isn't much of a reason behind it.

"I've been doing crazy haircuts my whole entire life, and I've had this for a while. It's just my haircut, man," he said.

"I just wanted to do something unique, and here it is. It's me."

The linebacker has also been spotted with an exciting hairdo during his time with the Denver Broncos, where he had a hairstyle in the shape of a circle.

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