What happened when Jennie Bond smoked cannabis on TV

What happened when Jennie Bond smoked cannabis on TV

Following on from Jon Snow and Matthew Parris' recent escapades, Jennie Bond has become the latest straight-laced pillar of propriety to partake in Channel 4's televised drugs trial.

The former BBC royal correspondent took a dose of skunk - which the channel says is the most prevalent form of cannabis being sold on British streets - in a “Home Office-approved, NHS-supported trial".

Or to be more accurate, she was given three controlled doses - one of the full-strength skunk, a lower-strength dose of cannabis and a placebo - without knowing which was which.

Although Snow had a bad turn when he took what appeared to be the full-strength stuff, saying he'd "never been as overwhelmingly frightened", Bond just had an irresistible hankering for red grapes.

When I was in the MRI scanner.. erm, oh. Just going to finish eating these grapes... these are very nice.

I'm adoring these grapes, but I think that's mostly because I just adore grapes and kind of live on them... but they are tasting very, especially good.

I can be really boring about grapes... because, erm... because I just believe in them giggles.

  • Jennie Bond, royal correspondent of 14 years

The idea of the Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial, which will be shown on Tuesday 3 March on Channel 4, is to highlight the psychological and neurological effects of cannabis.

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