What happened when Jennie Bond smoked cannabis on TV

Following on from Jon Snow and Matthew Parris' recent escapades, Jennie Bond has become the latest straight-laced pillar of propriety to partake in Channel 4's televised drugs trial.

The former BBC royal correspondent took a dose of skunk - which the channel says is the most prevalent form of cannabis being sold on British streets - in a “Home Office-approved, NHS-supported trial".

Or to be more accurate, she was given three controlled doses - one of the full-strength skunk, a lower-strength dose of cannabis and a placebo - without knowing which was which.

Although Snow had a bad turn when he took what appeared to be the full-strength stuff, saying he'd "never been as overwhelmingly frightened", Bond just had an irresistible hankering for red grapes.

When I was in the MRI scanner.. erm, oh. Just going to finish eating these grapes... these are very nice.

I'm adoring these grapes, but I think that's mostly because I just adore grapes and kind of live on them... but they are tasting very, especially good.

I can be really boring about grapes... because, erm... because I just believe in them giggles.

  • Jennie Bond, royal correspondent of 14 years
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