What Iain Duncan Smith was actually cheering about in that gif

Iain Duncan Smith resigned as work and pensions secretary on Friday night, explaining that the government's planned cuts to disability benefits were "not defensible".

The move has been seen as yet another blow to an already divided Conservative party. While some have questioned if Mr Duncan Smith had an ulterior motive, many opponents are nevertheless pleased to see the back of a man who has overseen deep cuts in the welfare system since taking the role 2010.

Many people have been using this gif in a bid to remind people just how horrible he supposedly was:

He was, of course, celebrating the proposed rise in the minimum wage to £9/hour as set out by George Osborne in the post-election Budget in July last year. Which many probably wouldn't see as "screwing the poor".

Still, while Mr Duncan Smith shouted "fantastic, get in", it was noted that the rise acted as a handy distraction from the £12bn worth of cuts being over seen by his department...

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