Despite strong campaigning from Jeremy Corbyn and his allies in parliament on Wednesday, a majority of MPs decided to vote in favour of air strikes against Isis in Syria.

With the first RAF bombs dropping on oil fields in the east of the country just hours after the vote, the Labour leader has expressed his disappointment at the "rush to war".

Releasing a statement on his Facebook page, Corbyn said:

Parliament has just voted to launch airstrikes in Syria. I am reminded of the messages I have received in recent days from my constituents who have expressed deep concern for family in Syria. I also think of our armed forces whose lives will be put in danger.

The fact of the matter is, David Cameron’s case was not convincing, lacking either credible ground troops or a plan for a diplomatic settlement. Since he first made his case for air strikes in Syria, last Thursday, opposition has mounted; in the country, in parliament and in the Labour Party.

Despite a majority of 174 MPs voting in favour of military action, the Labour leader argued the need for a "diplomatic and political" solution to the war in Syria.

He continued:

It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Prime Minister realised opposition to his ill thought-out rush to war was growing – and he needed to hold the vote before it slipped from his hands. I have argued, and will continue to do so, that we should re-double our efforts to secure a diplomatic and political end to the conflict in Syria.

British service men and women will now be in harm’s way and the loss of innocent lives is sadly almost inevitable.

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