ICYMI, Britain is already at war

MPs have begun a ten-hour debate on whether the UK should join other countries in bombing Isis in Syria.

After Jeremy Corbyn gave Labour MPs a free vote despite his stated opposition against the military intervention, the vote is expected to pass later tonight, and RAF planes could begin air strikes within days.

But don't let anyone tell you that Britain is hours away from war, because technically we've been in that state since September last year.

Then, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of air strikes in Iraq against Isis. Since then, RAF Tornado GR4 and Reaper aircraft have flown daily reconnaissance missions, with around 10 strikes carried out per month on average.

More to the point, and despite what George Bush tried to insist in his US-led 'war on terror', war can only be declared by a sovereign state upon another sovereign state. Since Isis - or Daesh as the prime minister today began calling them - is a terrorist organisation, whether we bomb Syria or not will not change that.

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