SNL's Colin Jost says the real punishment for Will Smith should be for him to host 'next year's Oscars'

Will Smith Banned From Attending Oscars Ceremony for 10 Years

Will Smith has received a 10-year ban by the Academy from attending the Oscars after he slapped Chris Rock - but Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost believes there is a more suitable punishment for the star...

On Friday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that Smith had been handed a decade-long ban from attending all events hosted by the organisation.

Smith got up on stage at this year's Oscars and slapped Chris Rock after he made a joke about the appearance of Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith who has alopecia.

He later apologised to the Academy for his actions and in light of his punishment Smith said will "accept and respect" the decision in a statement to CNN.

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In response to this news, Jost questioned whether the ban from Academy was even a punishment during SNL's "Weekend Update."

"As punishment for slapping Chris Rock, the Academy has banned Will Smith from attending the Oscars for 10 years but... is that a punishment?' Jost asked.

"He can still be nominated and even win an award," he explained. "He can even attend an after-party. He just doesn't have to attend the four-hour ceremony where someone is definitely gonna' make fun of his wife again."

After this, the comedian then displayed a photo of himself and co-star Michael Che looking a little awkward as they hosted the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards back in 2018.

It's fair to say Jost wasn't a fan of award-hosting duties given what he decided Smith's real punishment should have been and said:

"I think a real punishment would be to make Will Smith host next year's Oscars."

"Because, trust me, nothing will make you question your choices in life more than hosting an awards show," he quipped.

When changing the subject to Volodymyr Zelensky's appearance at Grammys last Sunday, Jost still managed to get a zinger in there about the infamous slap, referencing the G.I. Jane joke Rock made which angered Smith in the first place.

"Zelensky made a televised speech during Sunday's Grammy Awards," Jost said. "It was a heartfelt, impassioned plea to help the people of Ukraine but missed the opportunity for a legendary GI Jane joke."

All of these slap jokes were made on the same show where Smith's and Pinkett-Smith's daughter Willow Smith was a musical guest on the show, alongside Camila Cabello performing their single Psychofreak...

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