What is G.I Jane about? Chris Rock’s Jada Pinkett-Smith joke explained

What is G.I Jane about? Chris Rock’s Jada Pinkett-Smith joke explained
Will Smith breaks down in tears during Oscars acceptance speech

An awful lot of people will be searching the words ‘G.I. Jane’ this morning, after the Oscars took a turn for the unexpected last night.

In one of the most baffling moments in Oscars history, Will Smith hit Chris Rock onstage during the ceremony and quickly sent the internet into a frenzy.

The actor walked onto the stage before swinging his hand at Rock, leaving the comedian shaken.

“Will Smith just smacked the s*** out of me,” Smith said, while the audience struggled to come to terms with what they’d seen.

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Smith then furiously shouted: “Keep my wife's name, out of your f***ing mouth."

But what was the reason Smith got so angry? Here’s what you need to know.

What was Chris Rock’s GI Joke all about?

The incident came after Rock began making G.I. Jane jokes at the expense of Smith's wife Pinkett-Smith.

Smith was presumably upset given the reason for his wife's short-hair; she's battled with alopecia for years.

"Jada, can't wait for G.I. Jane 2,” Rock said, making a reference to her shaven head.

The actress previously spoke about her decision to shave her after being diagnosed with the condition.

The 1997 film G.I Jane which Rock referenced saw Demi Moore play Jordan O'Neil, a young female recruit who cuts off her hair during her journey to passing the Navy SEALs training programme.

GI Jane Official Trailer |

Pinkett-Smith has previously discussed her struggles with alopecia, including during a 2018 episode of her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.

“It was terrifying when it first started… I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh, my God, am I going bald?’”

He added: “It was one of those times in my life where I was literally shaking with fear. That’s why I cut my hair — and why I continue to cut it. I just had [thought], ‘OK, I think we’re gonna do another layer of cutting,’ you know? And my hair has been a big part of me. Taking care of my hair has been a beautiful ritual, you know? And having the choice to have hair or not, and then one day to be like, ‘Oh, my God, I might not have the choice.’”

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