Winston Churchill's feet and other weird celebrity superstitions

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Brazilians have accused Mick Jagger of bringing them bad luck after he backed several of the losing teams in the World Cup.

Of course, the pop star has denied any correlation but he's not the first celebrity to be linked to a weird superstition...

Shower sandals

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Serena Williams is said to have blamed losing matches in the past on not following her strict ritual of tying her laces a certain way; bouncing the ball five times before serving; and wearing her shower sandals before playing.

Black cat aversion

Rapper Missy Elliott is firm on her feelings about felines - she's openly admitted that if a black cat ever crosses her path, she will turn around and go home immediately.

Churchill's feet

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Politicians have been known to rub the feet of statues of Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and David Lloyd George at the entrance to the House of Commons - in the belief it will bring them good luck, and help their powers of oratory.

David Shepherd's hop

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The cricket umpire freely admitted to his superstition about the 'unlucky' number 111 (aka a Nelson), and used to hop or lift his feet up when the score passed that number.

Healing stones

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Victoria Beckham has revealed her 'weird' ritual of using crystals such as pink quartz and black tourmaline, which she believes have healing powers and bring good luck, when backstage at her fashion shows.

The curse of M

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Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose avoids any city beginning with M, believing Montreal and Montpellier to be cursed. This makes touring pretty difficult.

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