Amy Schumer calls out men who say #MeToo has made them ‘afraid’ of women

Louis Staples
Thursday 20 September 2018 11:15

The #MeToo movement has generated all kinds of responses from men, from messages of support to defensive posturing.

#MeToo addresses everything from verbal sexual harassment to rape, but rather depressingly, a subset of men have complained that they're now unsure where the lines between talking to women and harassing them is. Yes, really.

Some men have been expressing how they're now "afraid" to interact with women for fear of being accused of harassment. Apparently #MeToo has sparked a fear of being alone with women, creating a "grey area” of acceptable behaviour.

But comedian Amy Schumer is having none of it, penning a response to these statements. She explains why these men are missing the point of #MeToo.

After Schumer shared her views, others began to weigh in on social media with similar thoughts and experiences.

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