This woman is helping her dog with weeks to live tick off his bucket list

Louis Staples
Monday 21 May 2018 09:15

A young dog owner embarked on an adventure with her cancer-stricken dog in the hope of creating beautiful final memories.

Briana May, from Brisbane, started a “bucket list” after the retired guide dog named Isaac was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She said:

Isaac is the coolest dog I know. He helps my cousin navigate her way around everywhere. He is also the best snuggle buddy. I love him

Following the news, the family are spending their final moments with their beloved furry friend who has just weeks left to live.

Taking to the Cool Dog Group Facebook page, Briana called on other pet owners around the world to help her complete the list.

Picture: Facebook

This gorgeous old boy found out he has a cancerous tumour. He only has weeks left to live so we wrote him a bucket list. Please help Isaac to complete it and send pics of your pooches doing the bucket list items too.

Many shared photographs of their dogs celebrating their birthday parties, while others took their pets for a stroll along the beaches.

Picture: Facebook(FACEBOOK)

Pictures from around the globe show dogs enjoying their gourmet meals, bike-riding and taking naps. Other dogs were treated to ice cream, getting a bath, going on a shopping spree for a new toy and even tying the knot.

Picture: Facebook(FACEBOOK)

No *you've* got something in your eye.

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