These are the most important holiday photos to take – before you’ve even left the house

Tuesday 25 July 2017 14:30
Picture:(Ian Schneider on Unsplash)

When you go on holiday it's the same old routine.

Turn of all the mains switches, make sure the hob is off and all the lights, make sure the fish feeder is set up, tell grandma there's food in the fridge, let the estate guards know the rotation they're on for the forthcoming fortnight, unleash the jaberwocky on your countryside grounds.

Wait that's not your routine?

Ok, but the first few parts of it would have been.

Everyone irrationally worries that they've left the hob on, or the mains.

So how do you overcome this panic?

Nicole Dieker at Lifehacker has a simple solution to these problems.

I take photos before I go on long trips to give myself proof that the oven dials are in the right place and the thermostats are turned off.

The funny thing is that I’ve never once wanted to look at this proof after I’ve photographed it; it also turns off the part of my brain that gets anxious about accidentally leaving something on.

The genius part is that as you photograph each individual appliance, you'll be ensuring it's off - thus making a thorough checklist of all the possible risks and how they've been dealt with.



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