The quiz that reveals if you're a narcissist

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 04 January 2017 12:00
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There seems to be a never-ending need for humans to understand the inner workings of their own minds, in particular the darker elements of their character.

Tests that measure one’s narcissism, or propensity for psychopathy, have inundated the internet to the point of saturation.

Sifting through them to identify which are legitimate studies and what is pseudoscience can be tiresome.

However, a promising test, developed by psychologists Robert Raskin and Howard Terry has recently resurfaced online. The duo created a simple, 40-item questionnaire with paired statements.

Your answers to these statements indicate the level of narcissism you exhibit.

The character trait is controversial, in that it is linked to success and heightened self-worth, as well as less savoury elements of one’s character – like selfishness, aggression, and in extreme cases psychopathy.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is identified by the NHS as a psychological health issue.

The test is made up of statements about a variety of situations and self-assessments, including how comfortable you are about being the centre of attention, how you react to compliments and your thoughts about your body, and success.

Here are a few of the statements:


You can take the quiz online.

The higher your score, the more narcissistic tendencies you exhibit, and Raskin and Terry’s test on over 1,000 University graduates found a mean score of 15.7. Simply put, a score higher than 17 indicates above average narcissism.

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