9 things that will never be fashionable again

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 29 September 2017 13:15
Picture:(Yuri_Arcurs / iStock)

There are some things that can withstand almost any societal change. The little black dress will always remain a go to, the oversize blazer is an excellent smart casual choice, and we'll never, ever tire of cat videos on the internet.

They’re here to stay - through thick and thin.

But with these certainties, we also have to accept that some things are ephemeral. So we look to reddit to ponder on the things that will never come back - some for very good reasons.

1. Fake teeth

2. Our internet faves

3. Questionable hairstyles

4. And certain facial hair styles

5. Heavy accessories

6. 90s toys

7. A bit of colour in the bathroom

8. The staples of men's fashion

9. Having a fresh suit ready to go

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