13 things men should stop doing. Immediately

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It's a truth universally acknowledged that relations between men and women aren't always harmonious.

While we're moving away from the old "men are from Venus, girls are from Mars" trope, gender still divides us more than just biologically.

Inevitably, some men will do some things that will irritate some women, and vice versa.

Disclaimer: before you come at us with your #NotAllMen hashtags and your 'meninist' Twitter bios, note that we said some men.

(Although, having said that, we'll go out on a limb and say that YesAllMen have left the toilet seat up at least once. You know it, and we know it.)

One Reddit user, rajonahmed-seo, posed this provocative question on a thread: "Women of Reddit: What would you like all men to stop doing, immediately, as of right now?"

Here are some of the answers that most make you want to jump up and shout "YES! Stop doing that, immediately, as of right now!"

When I have headphones on in public, do not f***ing pull them off my head/out of my ears to speak with me.

- luca_

Getting their pee on the wall and not wiping it up.

- DaughterEarth

Telling me I look better without makeup, saying plastic surgery is gross, making fun of women for putting so much effort into their appearance etc. and then gushing over a picture of a very obviously made up & 'enhanced' model.

- RubberSushi666

Obviously this isn't something ALL men do but going up to a woman you've never met who is dancing and grinding your d*** on her without her consent is not the best way to say hello.

- ChocolateSnowflake

Asking me if I'm on my period every time I get angry/irritated.

- ravenren

And asking if I'm pregnant every time I say my stomach hurts or I'm nauseous. F***ing men...

- lostgirl2

Yelling random shit at me in public. If you wouldn't say it to your mother don't yell it at a random woman on the street.

For example: saying 'I'm digging the hair it's awesome' is chill; saying 'nice t*ts' is not.

- 666_princessA

I have had multiple guys tell me nice hair. Way better then 'you would look prettier if you smiled'. Clown im pretty either way. I just have a resting b*tch face leave me alone.

- UpsetMuffins

Requiring/demanding a reason for polite disinterest in you. You're not going to talk me into being attracted and interested in you.

- yokayla

Along the same lines, thinking being nice and polite to a woman means she owes you sex or conversation or attention.

- pochemy

It's like you're out dancing with your mates and having a good time. Then dude tries his chances. You understand because hey you're in a place where people meet people and you look like you're having fun.

You say no because you're just here to dance. He starts to argue with you about it.

You start to loose your cool because you just wanted a fun night and why isn't no ever enough. You tell him to back off, you have a boyfriend and hate yourself as you do because you shouldn't have to justify saying no [...] because apparently they'll only leave you alone if you belong to another man.

Dudes, if she says no, take her at face value. By all means, take a shot because she could be interested but trust her to know her mind if/when she says no.

- cailinnabealtaine

Stop with the f***ing d*ck pics. I don't even want them from my own boyfriend, why would I want them from some random ass dude on FB who I've never heard of before?

- shadowscar00

D*ck pics. No. No, no, no, no, no. Nobody likes your d*ck as much as you do. Keep that thing in your pants where it belongs.

The only conceivable reason to send a d*ck pic is after someone says 'hey send me a d*ck pic.'


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