This is how much a roast dinner costs around Britain

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Sunday 29 October 2017 16:45

Most British people love nothing more in this wold than a traditional Sunday roast with meat, vegetables and topped off with a Yorkshire pudding

But it also begs the question - where in the UK can you secure yourself the cheapest plate of this delicious, classic Brit dish?

A new study conducted by Kirsten Bolton from holiday homes construction firm Willerby looked to find out exactly this, because why not?


In order of price:

Wales has the cheapest, with your standard roast dinner in Cardiff costing a mere £10.94

Coming up next for value was Sheffield in the north of England. The average price in Yorkshire was £12.20 followed closely by Leeds at £12.50

Then in Newcastle you're looking at an average of £13.50

If you've taken a trip to Belfast and still want to be stereotypically British, you can score a roast for £14.57

Manchester takes the price up a bit at £15.31

Take your Sunday roast up a notch with some wild garlic butter (all photographs by Gary Congress)

In Edinburgh your traditional roast dinner will force you to part with £17.68

And in a truly un-shocking and predictable outcome, London is the most expensive spot for a roast dinner. Costing almost £20 or more in the capital.

Speaking on the results, study commissioner Bolton said:

In the past a slab of meat and fluffy potatoes would set you back mere pennies. Nowadays you’re looking upwards of 15 quid.

As the home of the most expensive commercial rents in the UK, it will be no surprise to learn that London is the most expensive region in the UK to order a Sunday roast.

If you've a hankering for a traditional Sunday roast and also want to be frugal, do yourself a favour and avoid London and its ridiculous prices.

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