7 things you absolutely shouldn't do as a tourist

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 24 May 2017 08:30
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Tourists everywhere get a bad reputation.

Thanks to a combination of the excitement and unfamiliarity that comes with being in a new place, they often commit faux pas that locals would never dream of.

So here’s some of the best advice of what not to do next time you’re on your travels, thanks to Redditors.

1. If you’re at a National Park, stay away from the toilets

I work for the National Park Service at popular tourist destination in Arizona. Our biggest challenge is getting Chinese tourists not to stand on top of the toilet seats.

We even installed signs with instructions.


Also worked at a National Park.

Do not steal things from the park!

I don't care if it is only one rock, you can look at them, but it does not go into your pocket.


2. Stay away from Amsterdam’s bike lane

Amsterdam here. By all means feel free to get high and visit the red light district, enjoy the art and culture, take time to enjoy the architecture.

People here are easy going, accepting of different cultures and happy to help.

But if you walk in the bike lane you will be cut the f*** down.


3. Be careful on subways everywhere

Stopping at the top of the stairs when they get out of the subway.


4. Respect the wildlife

I live in Australia and the amount of times I've seen tourists show a lack of care or respect drives me nuts.

Whether it's feeding animals random food they have on them which can make the animals seriously ill, or use flash photography which can stun certain animals (e.g. penguins on the beach at certain locations) or even simple things like littering.


My brother works for the National parks service in Yellowstone. Biggest thing he'd wish people would learn is the animals are not remotely tame, they are wild. Stop trying to feed them or pet them, and you won't get gored/stomped/mauled.


5. Don’t be fooled

Stop giving money to that guy with shaggy hair at the station who says he's trying to get to the airport but can't afford a train ticket.

He's not going to the airport, he's there every day pulling the same scam.


This reminds me of a store on Hollywood Blvd, not sure if it still exists but when I lived there it certainly did.

They always were having a flash sale, where everything was only $5.

Except it was every single day, all day.

I walked by that place everyday on my walk to school, and never once were they not doing it, and never once was it not packed in there.


6. Keep it moving

Once lived in West Hampstead and drove past Abbey Road studios everyday. "Get off the f***ing zebra road crossing, I'm trying to get to bleedin' work!"


7. And when in London…

Walking into the M&M store. Jesus Christ, how is that even a thing?

Why would you come to London and think that purchasing plush toys of your 5th favourite chocolatey snack in any way represents your London experience?


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