A map of the worst places to live in Britain if you’re a woman

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 13 September 2017 12:15
Nicola Sturgeon takes part in a seniors exercise class at Bishopbriggs Leisure Centre. East Dunbartonshire on the outskirts of Glasgow, on June 5, 2017. The area was ranked best for women by the National Centre for Social Research. Picture:(ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP/Getty Images)

BBC Woman's Hour has mapped the worst places in Britain to live if you're a woman.

The National Centre for Social Research used factors such as the gender pay gap, women's education, life satisfaction, and local environment to calculate the rankings.

According the BBC they used data from the Annual Population Survey 2016, and the 2011 Census for England, Wales, and Scotland - but not Northern Ireland.

The study carved Great Britain into 380 regions and ranked them.

Picture: NatCen Social Research(Picture: NatCen Social Research)

The study found Islington in North London was the worst place in Britain for women to live.

Chiefly the reason for this was due to the cost of housing in the local authority, which was calculated at 16 times the median income.

Residents of the area also reported low levels of life satisfaction, happiness, and feelings that their life was worth while.

Islington women were said to have 16th highest full time wages for women (£16.35 per hour), but this figure was diminished by the large gender pay gap present in the area.

Other areas doing badly by women were in London, the North West, East Midlands, and Yorkshire.

10 worst places

1. Islington

2. Blackpool

3. Corby

4. Boston

5. Kingston upon Hull

6. Burnley

7. City of London

8. Westminster

9. Wolverhampton

10. Camden

The best places

East Dunbartonshire was the most desirable place for women.

Average full time salary for women there was £15.07 per hour, the 46th highest in Britain.

In 2007, a Reader's Digest poll rated East Dunbartonshire, the best place in the United Kingdom to raise a family.

Scotland (1-2), the South East of England (3-8) and the West Midlands (9-10) dominated the top 10.

1. East Dunbartonshire

2. East Renfrewshire

3. West Oxfordshire

4. West Berkshire

5. South Oxfordshire

6. Winchester

7. Mid Sussex

8. Wycombe

9. Stafford

10. Shropshire

In honour of East Dunbartonshire's win, Woman's Hour was broadcast live from the area on Wednesday.

In the run up to the report, women online shared their favourite places to live, using #WHbestplace.

Age discrepancies

The study also broke up participants's responses by three age groups: 18-30, 30-65, and over 65.

In recognition that at different stages in life, different factors become more important than others, the study looked at indicators such as employment, school quality, and social isolation in local authorities.

It showed some fluctuations in the ranking giving to different local authorities, and where different age groups departed from the core index results.

Younger (18-30):

  • Best place to live: West Oxfordshire
  • Worst place to live: Kingston upon Hull

Middle (30-65):

  • Best: East Dunbartonshire
  • Worst: Nottingham

Older (over 65):

  • Best: South Oxfordshire
  • Worst: Islington

Read the full study by NatCen here.


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