GTA 5 cancelled single-player 'DLC' details revealed

GTA 5 cancelled single-player 'DLC' details revealed
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Cast members of GTA 5 recently revealed what Rockstar had planned for what could have been DLC for its story mode that is understood to have been cancelled in favour of developing GTA Online.

Ned Luke (Michael De Santa), Shawn Fonteno (Franklin Clinton) and Steven Ogg (Trevor Phillips) did a rare appearance together with the service Streamily.

Fans could request their autographs on various prints and watch them sign it - as part of this, they also did a live Q&A.

And in a clip that's been shared online, the cast revealed what the plans were for single-player DLC that got cancelled.

Steven said: "I forget if it was DLC, I had no idea, but Trevor was going to be undercover for the feds and we did shoot some of that stuff with James Bond Trevor.

"He's still kind of a f**k up but he's doing his best to pretend. We shot some stuff and it just disappeared, they never did it and never followed up on it."

Seemingly hinting it was single-player DLC, Ned said: "They went to GTA Online I believe for that stuff."

It's understood a number of additions to single-player GTA 5 were in the works but because of the success of GTA Online and the money it was generating, development was shifted towards that.

In a different segment of the same interview, the cast revealed Rockstar had filmed footage for a behind-the-scenes documentary of the game.

Ned said: "It was nuts to me they had that behind-the-scenes camera going the whole time and they never did anything with it."

Steven said: "I think at one point, didn't we discuss how cool it would be to have 'the making of' so we could have a documentary on the making of GTA?"

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