Rockstar Games insider reveals reaction to major GTA 6 leak

Rockstar Games insider reveals reaction to major GTA 6 leak
Brian Gaar speaks about what happened when GTA 6 details were leaked …
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A writer and comedian has revealed how Rockstar Games reacted when key GTA 6 details were leaked in 2018.

Brian Gaar writes for production company Rooster Teeth, which is being shut down by parent company Warner Bros Discovery after 21 years of operating.

Six years ago, Brian was writing for The Know, which was an entertainment news channel division of Rooster Teeth.

Speaking on the latest episode of the Inside Games podcast, on the episode called RIP Rooster Teeth, the panel of Lawrence Sonntag, Bruce Greene and Brian reminisce about some of their favourite memories of the company.

And Brian reveals how Rockstar reacted to a video he scripted about GTA 6 in 2018 which was posted on the Inside Gaming YouTube channel.

The video revealed a number of details from an insider, such as the game would be set in a version of Miami, it would be possible to fly between the US and South America and there were rumours of a female lead - the game wasn't even announced by Rockstar until February 2022.

It must also be said the video did say GTA 6 would likely be set in the 80s and would release in 2021 or 2022 but did say the life of GTA Onlinewas being extended because of the money it was making.

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Brian said: "I got a tip, and this was six or seven years ago, about GTA 6 from someone, and I'm not going to say who, but they had inside info as to what it was looking like at the time.

"It was codename Project America and you're going to be doing drug missions to and from the US to Central South America and all this.

"So I was like 'great', got the person to confirm who they were and typed up the script.

"We put out the video and no-one believed us at the time, even the audience was like 'you're full of s**t' or whatever.

"Rockstar flipped out.

"They locked down the studio to find the leaker and a vice president of Rockstar called me; he was very nice but wanted to know who my source was.

"I was like 'I don't know how games journalism works but I'm from newspaper journalism, I'm never going to tell you'.

"He was like 'that's fine' but it had caused a deal - no-one ever said 'you shouldn't have done that' but it definitely caused waves that we had put that out.

"And to her credit, Ashley, my boss at the time, was like 'it's fine, we're doing our jobs' - it's a really fun memory.

"Later on, when GTA 6 finally came, a couple of people would bring that video up and that made me feel good, they were like 'you guys had it!'"

More and more gameplay leaks have recently been emerging on social media.

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