GTA 6 soundtrack leak appears on Spotify

GTA 6 soundtrack leak appears on Spotify
Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 Official Trailer
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The latest Grand Theft Auto 6 'leak' seems to have cropped up on Spotify, hinting at what could be coming up in the game's soundtrack.

GTA games have always boasted a huge selection of licensed tracks from artists that are playable on car radios or feature in cutscenes.

Artists ranging from Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott to Queen and Elton John via Rihanna and Britney Spears all featured on GTA 5, the latest Grand Theft Auto game to be released - way back in September 2013.

And the latest 'leak' of what's to come in the GTA 6 soundtrack seems to have come up on the music streaming site Spotify.

A screenshot of Anita Ward's profile on SpotifySpotify

Anita Ward's artist picture is now the GTA 6 logo - it was previously the banner.

She's best known for 'Ring My Bell,' with four different versions of the track among her top five most popular, with variations of the track being listened to more than 80m times.

Under the Artist Pick section of her profile was a link to Ring My Bell with the GTA 6 banner with the caption 'COMING 2025', when GTA 6 is released - this now seems to have been removed.

Reddit users are expecting the track could be used in a potential upcoming new trailer.

Comments on Reddit include 'this is definitely the song for trailer 2, it’s just screaming Vice City', 'this seems to be Lucia's address to Jason, compared to the first trailer which it's Jason's perspective on Lucia' and 'I don't usually believe speculation like this, but it being from the verified page makes me really think this is the trailer 2 song'.

At this time, this is just a leak/rumour, with no official update from Rockstar Games.

Miami is known as Vice City, where GTA 6 will be based.

The reggae version of the track by Blood Sisters has already featured in the series, appearing on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Another recent series of leaks revealed more gameplay details and a potential new trailer date.

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