Kai Cenat reveals which games he will do marathon streams for this year

Kai Cenat reveals which games he will do marathon streams for this year
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Twitch's most subscribed streamer Kai Cenat has revealed which games he is planning on doing marathon streams for this year.

After broadcasting on the streaming service with comedian Kevin Hart appearing as a guest, Cenat has reclaimed the top spot on Twitch with more than 120,000 active subscribers at the time of writing according to Twitch Tracker.

He recently hosted a marathon broadcast playing Elden Ring, where he streamed consecutively with no breaks for 167 hours and died in-game 1,701 times; he streamed himself sleeping during this too.

Cenat seems to have got the taste for more marathon game streams after enjoying Elden Ring, giving the game a 10/10 rating and describing it as "cinema".

And it seems the plans he has shared for the rest of the year have been influenced by this.

In a clip shared on social media, Cenat said: "The first marathon we will be doing when we come back is the Elden Ring DLC.

"This one is special to marathon, you want to know why? Now, I know what I'm doing, everybody's on the same page, there will be more exploring.

"This might be longer than the first marathon."

Elden Ring is notoriously difficult, with Cenat at times screaming his way through hours of trying to beat big bosses, including one which reportedly took him 30 hours and 433 deaths to beat, but vowed to not quit until he completed it.

"The second game after that we will be marathoning is Sekiro," Cenat continued.

"I heard it's longer, or harder, than Elden Ring but we're going to see what this is about, chat I'm not going to lie I've got to play this s**t okay?

"Then we're going to take a break and have a jolly, good old time on Bully.

"This might change, after the Elden Ring DLC I might want to play Bully after that, you feel me? So we just never know, okay?

"After Bully, we're going to spin the clock and go with a throwback - Bloodborne. I want to really see how it is to get into that space and to really lock in to this gaming s**t.

"After Bloodborne, we're going with a popular series that goes by the name of Dark Souls - we're not only going to be playing 1, we're going to be playing 2, not only going to be playing 2 but we're going to be playing 3."

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