Kai Cenat finally completes marathon Elden Ring stream and shares verdict of game

Kai Cenat finally completes marathon Elden Ring stream and shares verdict of game
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Streamer Kai Cenat has finally completed Elden Ring in a marathon stream and has shared what he really thought about the game.

Cenat beat the game after streaming non-stop for 167 hours and dying in-game 1,701 times.

The game is notoriously difficult, with Cenat at times screaming his way through hours of trying to beat big bosses, including one which reportedly took him 30 hours and 433 deaths to beat, but vowed to not quit until he completed it.

He started streaming on May 10 and didn't stop right through until he completed it on May 17, continuing the broadcast as he slept.

Even during this downtime, his stream was the most watched on Twitch.

Along the way, Cenat even won $100,000 from Adin Ross who bet he couldn't beat take out Godfrey on the first try - which he duly did.

And he's given his verdict on what he thought of the game.

In a video shared on social media, Cenat said: "This game is a cinema. Although I died multiple times, it was very rewarding.

"I literally enjoyed every boss death, I've never felt some s**t in my soul like this.

"I don't know what game compares to this right now, this is an absolute cinema.

"From the f*****g designs of the character, to the little things you need, to the bosses you've got fight, to the wounds you've got to get, testing what you've got to use, to the co-op, to the PvP, to seeing random players within your game, to see how people die and laugh at it, to see the messages and how funny they were, the weapons, the upgrades, absolute cinema, 10 out of 10 across the board.

"This is my favourite game that I've EVER played for a marathon on stream and that's FACTS."

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