Kai Cenat got a therapist to help him beat the final Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree boss

Kai Cenat got a therapist to help him beat the final Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree boss
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Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat got the help of a therapist in order to beat the final boss in the Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree.

Cenat has been doing a marathon stream on Twitch where he completes games without stopping the stream; during downtime when he's not playing, he streams himself sleeping.

He reached the final boss after around 50 hours or so with more than 500 deaths.

But the final battle proved to be the trickiest test of all, so much so that someone enlisted the help of therapist Aubri Williams to help him.

Williams is a full-time model who also provides counselling sessions - she did not say who booked the session for Cenat.

In a viral clip posted online, Cenat can be seen sitting and chatting with Williams at his home setup.

"It sounds like this character is giving you a hard time," Williams said.

"What you need to do, instead of being angry that he's being annoying and angry that he's kicking your butt, be excited to win. Be excited that you're going to beat this game and this is going to be another game on this list of games that you beat. That's the energy you need to focus on.

"That's a way better headspace than getting frustrated and angry at this character that's going to continuously beat you for giving him that energy, he's going to meet you right back, pow.

"I need you to get into that positive, confident, resilient energy that you have, because you do have it."

Cenat then showed Williams how difficult the battle is, immediately dying with his death count at 991; the therapy session lasted around 30 minutes in total.

Around six hours or so after it, Cenat went on to finally beat the boss and the stream ended in the 100th hour with 1,070 deaths in total.

Cenat did a marathon stream of the Elden Ring base game in May which took 167 hours and he died in-game 1,701 times.

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