Microsoft continues Xbox 360 closing down sale with more than 150 games reduced

Microsoft continues Xbox 360 closing down sale with more than 150 games reduced
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Microsoft has announced more than 150 games are now reduced in price in its closing down sale for the Xbox 360 online store and marketplace.

The company announced in 2023 the 'retirement' of these services on the iconic console for July 29.

Since the announcement, a number of games went on sale to encourage players to grab them while they still can as purchases will still be available to download through this service - it's just no new content will be available to buy.

And loads more have been included in the latest round of sales, with titles available including three Batman games, two Burnout titles, Far Cry 4, a number of Lego titles, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, five Resident Evil titles and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The final round of reductions will be announced by Microsoft on July 16, just 13 days before the store shuts for good.

A list of all of the content including hundreds of games and DLC that will disappear forever when it shuts down for good has also recently been posted in a forum.

Games, DLC, avatars and loads more are available exclusively through this digital storefront and will no longer be available to purchase from July 29 onwards, meaning it will be gone forever to those who haven't bought it.

On the TrueAchievements forum, a user has listed all of the games, DLC and discontinued or unobtainable achievements that will be unavailable, along with remasters and remakes of certain features that are available after the closure.

Rock Band 3, games in the Kinect series and DLC for Skate 3are among the content that will no longer be available to purchase.

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