100s of Xbox 360 games & DLC to be lost forever as online store slams shut

100s of Xbox 360 games & DLC to be lost forever as online store slams shut
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A list of all of the content including hundreds of games and DLC that will disappear forever when the Xbox 360 online store and marketplace shuts down for good has been posted in a forum.

Microsoft announced in 2023 the 'retirement' of these services on the iconic console for July 29 2024.

While no new purchases can be made from that date onwards, players who have previously bought content through this will still be able to access it through backwards compatibility.

For example, if a player bought a game through the Xbox 360 store or marketplace but did not download it before July 29 2024, this game will still be available to download as it's in the player's account history.

It's just new purchases that will be affected.

A Microsoft update says: "Until this date, purchases made in the Xbox 360 store and the Xbox 360 marketplace will continue to be supported.

"This will not impact how the community plays currently owned games on Xbox 360 or via backward compatibility.

"Players will be able to continue to download and play games they already own on Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S consoles via backward compatibility."

Multiplayer will still be available on older titles that is supported by the developer.

But an array of content, such as games, DLC and avatars to name a few, are available exclusively through this digital storefront and will no longer be available to purchase from July 29 2024 onwards, meaning it will be gone forever to those who haven't bought it.

On the TrueAchievements forum, a user has listed all of the games, DLC and discontinued or unobtainable achievements that will be unavailable, along with remasters and remakes of certain features that are available after the closure.

Rock Band 3, games in the Kinect series and DLC for Skate 3 are among the content that will no longer be available to purchase.

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