Resident Evil 9 release date leaked online by insider

Resident Evil 9 release date leaked online by insider
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The release date for the upcoming Resident Evil 9 appears to have been leaked online by an insider.

The last Resident Evil game to release was the remake of 4 in 2023 and the last new entry was Resident Evil Village (also known as Resident Evil 8) in 2021.

It must be said Resident Evil 9 has not been officially confirmed by developer Capcom but there's been a mountain of leaks, rumours and speculation.

The latest comes from a reportedly reputable insider known as 'Dusk Golem' - the user previously said that Resident Evil 9 (RE9) had been delayed internally but this seems to have been redacted.

In a thread on X / Twitter, Dusk Golem said: "The possible delay I had heard murmurs about can be pushed aside. RE9 should be revealed pretty soon and release next year. If what I heard previously holds true, should be in January. It'll have had about seven years in development.

"January 2025 I hadn't heard now, just been a date I'd heard previously they probably are still aiming for, but never know in game development. I won't leak/rumour any other details of the game, just let Capcom do their thing and let them surprise people.

"Just to explain something, RE9 started early development in early 2018 as a possible RE8. Village had started development as RE8, then became a spin-off title, then ultimately became RE8 again.

"This game became RE9 ultimately and yes, RE8 & RE9 were in dev at the same time. RE games are usually greenlit in batches & planned out for a few years to keep the series 'near annual'.

"As I've said a few times before, there was this funny period in 2018 that RE2, RE3 and RE4 remakes and RE8 and RE9 were all in dev at the same time.

"There's something kinda similar that happened recently as another batch of RE games were greenlit in early 2023.

"RE9 has the biggest budget and longest dev time of any RE game to date and I've described previously as 'ambitious'. None of this last part is new, it's stuff I've been reiterating for years."

Fans have been reacting to the post.

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