People notice eye-opening difference between corporate Pride logos in US versus Middle East

People notice eye-opening difference between corporate Pride logos in US versus Middle East
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On social media, people noticed that corporations with accounts in the Middle East had different logos celebrating Pride month compared to the US.

Every June, many corporations change their logos to celebrate Pride month. Which is dedicated to honoring successes, advocating for people, and educating others about the LGBTQ+ community.

This June was no different with companies like BP, BMW, Visa, and more adding a Pride flag to their logo or cover photo. But people noticed that companies with social media accounts in the Middle East did not have the same change.

One Twitter user, Alana Mastrangelo, posted a photo comparing the logos from the US and the Middle East side-by-side to show the difference.

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BMW's profile photo featured a rainbow gradient around its logo but BMW Middle East did not.

Cisco added rainbow colors to their logo but Cisco Middle East did not.

This trend continued for companies like Bethesda, BP, Mercedes Benz, Visa, and more.

It's no surprise many Middle East-based accounts did not jump at the chance to celebrate Pride month. Nearly half of the countries that make up the Middle East have outlawed homosexuality due to the strong cultural and religious influence Islam has.

Egypt, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, and the Gaza Strip of Palestine have made homosexuality illegal.

In April, Saudi Arabia's supervisor of cinema asked Disney to cut a scene in Doctor Strange 2 because it included a reference to a gay character.

In response to the different logos, people on social media criticized the decision not to include the Pride flag in the profile of Middle Eastern-based accounts.

"Weird these companies aren’t embracing PRIDE month in the Middle East," Tyler wrote on Twitter.

"Marketing 101: know your audience," Melissa replied to Tyler.

"A picture is worth 1,000 words. Notice the difference? Corporations can take their rainbow virtue signaling and stuff it," Brad wrote.

Companies that celebrate Pride for the month of June have come under criticism from people who believe they are only pandering toward the LGBTQ+ community for marketing and economic purposes.

Other accounts represented by their own profile like BP UK and Cisco UK & Ireland did not feature the Pride colors in their logo or cover photos either.

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