What it's like to live in the town where all 6,000 residents live on same street

What it's like to live in the town where all 6,000 residents live on same street
A breathtaking aerial view of Khaplu Valley, Pakistan, during Autumn season

We’re all for community spirit, but can you imagine sharing the same street with thousands of people? Just think of the chaos on bin day…

And yet, residents of a town in southern Poland do just that – with the entire village of Suloszowa nestled along a single 9km (5.5 mile) street.

An aerial view of the unusual settlement, which sits 29km to the northwest of Krakow, went viral on Twitter earlier this month after it was shared by political scientist Ian Bremmer.

His post racked up more than 6.9 million views and 50,000 likes in just three weeks, as residents and commentators flocked to offer more information about the town.

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“It is a little-known fact that their backyards extend like parallel ribbons around the earth, so that neighbours living opposite each other also share a communal hedge out back, which they take turns trimming on alternate autumns,” one wrote.

Images of Suloszowa also made their way onto Reddit, with one user pointing out: “Each house has that strip of land to do whatever on, hence different colours and they are using the land for different purposes. Some grow crops on it, others have animals, some just leave it.”

Meanwhile, scores of people likened it to The Line, a smart city which is currently under construction in Neom, Saudi Arabia and which is designed to have no cars streets or carbon emissions.

Such was the hype surrounding the village (which has a population of 5,819 according to the most recent census), that Mail Onlinesent a reporter to find out what life is really like there.

“It can be a bit gossipy,” one shop owner admitted, adding that, inevitably: “Everyone knows everyone.”

Still, she stressed that there is a “good sense of community” among the thousands of close neighbours, and she went on to describe how they host “Strawberry Days” and “Potato Days” where “we all get together and taste the new crops and play live music.”

Elsewhere, a local tractor driver told the news site that life in Suloszowa is “slow and fairly quiet” but he likes it.

“Until I saw the pictures from above, I didn't really appreciate how nice it is here,” he admitted.

"That's how it often is, people don't appreciate what's right under their noses."

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