Trans couple make Indian history by becoming biological parents

Trans couple make Indian history by becoming biological parents
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Transgender couple Ziya Paval and Zahad - whose pregnancy photos gained notoriety online - made Indian history by becoming biological parents.

On Wednesday (8 February), Paval, 21, took to Instagram to share the news about their bundle of joy, accompanied by a picture of her touching the baby’s hand.

“In the wait of the times, today (08/02/2023) Wednesday morning at 09:37 with the sound of our dreams weighing 2.920kg, the breathing on the earth and the light in the eyes that never bloomed....... Tears of joy rolling down into tears..... Safe in the arms of the angels with no other complications,” she wrote.

Paval also shared her “gratitude” for those that supported them in the process.

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Speaking with Asian News International, Pavel said that the baby, who was born a month early, has had “milk” and is “perfectly fine.”

Their baby’s gender and name haven’t been revealed.

People have shared their well wishes and praise for the couple with Higher Education and Social Justice minister R Bindu writing:

“Let the birth of their child serve as a guiding light for each of us to learn & unlearn. To break away from the traditional, heteronormative idea of a family and replace it with one defined by love and acceptance. Love, hugs & best wishes to Zahad, Ziya and their little one,” she tweeted.

The couple are from southern Kerala and have reportedly been together for around three years.

Zahad,23, still had his ovaries and uterus, so they believed it would be easier to pause his gender reassignment treatment so he could conceive.

“I felt so strange and weird in my body as my tummy grew bigger and bigger. But we knew we wanted a baby, and for me, it was a chance to be both a mother, in giving birth, and the father once my transition is complete,” Zahad told This Week in Asia.

In a report from BBC, Zahad is an accountant and plans to go back to work in two months, and Paval will take care of the baby.

The couple also said they would continue to medically transition after the birth of their child.

India is still quite divided when it comes to transgender and LGBT+ rights. Same-sex marriage is also still not recognized by the law.

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