Expert says the perfect bacon sandwich should be made with marmalade

Expert says the perfect bacon sandwich should be made with marmalade
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Felicity Cloake, an award-winning food columnist and 'sauce expert', declared that bacon sandwiches are best with marmalade- not ketchup or HP, and Brits are baffled.

Bacon sandwiches are a popular breakfast option in the UK, typically it's served as cooked bacon between two pieces of bread with butter and ketchup or HP sauce (equivalent to steak sauce in the US).

However, Cloake says marmalade is the way to go. "I feel like a bad British person for saying this – I much prefer English mustard in a bacon sandwich. And marmalade," Cloake said to The Guardianwhile promoting her new book Red Sauce Brown Sauce: A British Breakfast Odyssey.

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"Think about it – ham is often glazed with mustard and honey. A friend introduced me to it, and it feels like Damascene moment every time I eat one.” Cloake added.

Cloake traveled around the UK and spoke to people about their preferred condiment topping on their bacon sandwiches.

"It felt as though brown sauce was more northern and ketchup was a bit of a newcomer, more southern and possibly more middle class. If I had to join a camp then I’d say brown sauce, with its spices, is the connoisseur’s choice. Ketchup just makes everything taste of ketchup," Cloake told The Guardian.

While some Brits were willing to accept Cloake's suggestion to make the best bacon sandwich, others were not as keen to try the new combination.

The staple breakfast sandwich originated in Ireland but is equally popular in most of the UK. Whether they're consumed with ketchup, HP sauce, or marmalade the sandwiches will always be a UK classic.

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