Couple shocked after realising they had planned the exact same engagement for each other

Couple shocked after realising they had planned the exact same engagement for each other
Couple surprise each other by proposing at same time

A couple unknowingly planned the same surprise engagement for each other on the same day - and even had identical ring boxes.

Flint and Sarah-Jean, who did not want their surnames revealed, proposed to each other while roller skating.

Video shows the couple skating along the sunny California coastline with their roller derby team before Flint, 32, gets down on one knee and proposes to Sarah-Jean, 34.

Then Sarah-Jean, a documentary photographer, does the same and proposes to Flint with the exact same ring box.

The couple, who lives in Orange County, California, USA, had both independently planned the same secret engagement on their favourite route to skate with their roller derby team.

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The route ran along Long Beach, ending at the Lion Lighthouse, and both had secretly invited all their friends and family and hired a photographer each.

Flint, a teacher, said: "When we got there I noticed that there were people that I hadn't invited.

"Then I noticed a second photographer and I began to get suspicious.

"I think she already knew that I wanted to propose. I didn't know anything, but she had an inkling.

"When she got on one knee my first thought was that she had bought the same ring-box as me and I knew straight away that it was going to be perfect.

"I think everyone else is just happy they don't have to remember who can know what now."

The couple were engaged for two weeks, before they eloped to get married the following month.

Flint revealed: "We eloped and got married in an old courthouse.

"Straight afterwards we strapped on our skates and had a lap of the courthouse, then we went for our first dance."

The couple were engaged in May 2022.

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