Dior launches baby skincare line including a $230 perfume

Dior launches baby skincare line including a $230 perfume

In fashion, there are no rules. And now, the very same motto is seemingly spreading to skincare, as Dior unveils a brand new line of skincare and fragrance... For babies.

The fashion house announced the news on its social media channels, with a string of posts showcasing the five new products.

This includes La Mousse Très Fondante foaming cleanser ($95), Le Lait Très Tendre moisturising milk ($115) and L'Eau Très Fraîche cleanser ($95).

There are also two scented alcohol-free waters at $230 each, created by Dior’s famed perfume director Francis Kurkdjian – the man behind Baccarat Rouge 540.

The scents are said to be reminiscent of "sweet childhood memories with light notes of fruit, pillowy cotton and velvety petal."

"I think this is what’s missing the most in this market there’s a minority of brands making them for the little ones," one fan gushed, while another added: "Okay, but I need the bunny as well.

The fashion house described the collection as "an ode to the first steps and emotions of little ones, which echoes the Baby Dior ready-to-wear creations. A constellation of skincare products for babies and children accompanies Bonne Étoile, the Baby Dior scented water."

They continued: "Baby Dior scented water and skincare are a gentle reminder of sweet memories of early childhood, enveloping baby’s every waking moment in softness."

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