Model's dad 'staged an intervention' after discovering her adult account

Model's dad 'staged an intervention' after discovering her adult account

Dre Delevingne says she hasn't had contact with her parents since they found out about her porn career

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An OnlyFans star has opened up about how her father “staged an intervention” after finding out about her X-rated career choice.

Dre Delevingne spoke to Adam22 and Lena the Plug for their X-rated ‘Plug Talk’ podcast about her mum and dad’s discovery of her page on the subscription-only site.

Delevingne explained that within 24 hours of setting up an OnlyFans account and posting a few “nudes”, her family were told about it.

“They lost it,” she said, but admitted that she was “happy they found out” so quickly, because then she had “nothing to worry about.”

“What was the source of your parents' rage? Just the fact that you were naked in general or was it the fact that you weren't taking advantage of the opportunities that they felt like they had afforded you?” Adam22 (real name Adam Grandmaison) asked.

“Probably the second option,” she replied, acknowledging that they were “in shock”.

However, she explained that she had always “deep down” wanted this life for herself, but felt that she couldn’t because of her “upbringing”.

“[My parents] definitely were like, ‘Why did you do this? You could have had all of this’,” she recalled, adding that her response was: “But that doesn't make me happy, doing what I love makes me happy’.”

From left: Delevigne with 'Plug Talk' hosts Adam22 and Lena the Plug, and in a separate Instagram snapthedredelevigne/Instagram

Delevingne then recounted how her father “tried to [stage] an intervention” by waiting for her outside her home early one morning.

“I basically walked out of my apartment and I was like, it's 6am, so I was asleep still and he was right in front of me,” she said.

Describing his “rage and anger” she claimed her dad was “physical” with her, but stressed that she accepted this as “a father's reaction”

However, she added: “Ever since then we just haven't been in no contact.”

Asked whether she’d tried to “make sense” of her career choice to her dad, she said that she’d simply told him she’d “made [her] decision”.

“He's like, ‘I'm taking everything away’. I'm like, ‘You can take it away, I can afford everything now’,” she recollected.

“It felt so empowering to me that I was like, ‘Oh, no one can control me anymore’. It was just more like if I have to lose everything to get that, then that's OK with me.”

Dre Delevigne on The Day Her Parents Found Her

Still, not all adult content creators suffer such rejection at the hands of their loved-ones.

In an episode of ‘Plug Talk’ recorded last month, Emma Hix revealed how her mum reacted when she told her she was pursuing a career in porn.

Admitting that she texted her mum to tell her, despite being just upstairs in the same house at the time, she said: “I thought she was going to freak out,” but instead she gave “total, full support”.

“She was like, ‘I mean, I'm not happy that you're going to go do it [...] But she was also like, ‘Whatever you want to do, whatever makes you happy’.”

Hix added: “Having that support, I would not be able to do this without it.”

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