Dream date gives man impossible phone number puzzle that makes zodiac look simple

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After a man met the woman of his dreams, she gave him the impossible task of figuring out her phone number.

And it made the zodiac killer's taunting letters to police filled with symbols and ciphers corresponding with his murders look really simple.

On Tuesday (17 January), the Twitter account HenpeckedHal shared a screenshot image his 22-year-old cousin sent him after meeting the perfect girl at a bar.

The screenshot shows a text message exchange, with the cousin writing that he "met his soulmate."

"My man! Did you get her number," HenpeckedHal asks.

This is where things get interesting. The cousin reveals that he got "most" of the woman's number, which sparked confusion from HenpeckedHal.

"How do you get most of a number?" he asks.

The cousin ends up sending an image of a napkin from "Jackie" that has the following phrase:

"Call me! 512-3*1 -2*04. Jackie

"*Trust me, I'm worth it."

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Clearly flabbergasted, HenpeckedHal says: "WTF?!?! What are you going to do?"

Seemingly determined to get the digits, the cousin shared another photo, this time with all of the possible number combinations he could think of.

Several numbers were crossed out, seemingly indicating that they weren't correct.

In another post, HenpeckedHal revealed that this is the same cousin who admitted that he cleans his oven every day because he puts his meat directly onto the grills to cook.

One person wrote:" Oh goodness, I couldn't even begin to figure out how this works."

"Why did he assume the * is a wild card and not a times symbol? Maybe this is a PEMDAS test?" another quipped.

A third joined in on the jokes and added: "Maybe put a few options into CashApp and see if "Jackie" comes up as a Cash App tag."

Someone else, who believes that the situation isn't worth it, wrote: "He will do 10 tries for 0, then another 10 tries for 1, and another 10 tries for 2, until he gets to 9. If my calculation is right, that's 1000 times he will have to call random numbers to figure out her number. Unless her dad is the President, nobody is worth that."

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Well, it's safe to say the cousin is serious about contacting his dream girl, just like this man who penned a lengthy break-up text and was adamant about explaining his reasoning as to why he's not what she's looking for.

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