Seneca, Marcus Aurelius? This break-up text proves men aren't OK

Seneca, Marcus Aurelius? This break-up text proves men aren't OK
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A man penned a "loquacious" break-up text, citing two prominent figures in ancient Rome – and the internet wants to know if all is well with him.

On Wednesday (11 January), Aly, who goes by @kafkashoress on Twitter, shared a screenshot of a text message thread between herself and what seems to be her now-ex boyfriend "Chris," who referenced former Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and Stoic philosopher.

"…your quality of life is dependent on your quality of thoughts – Seneca

"That's actually from the goat Marcus Aurelius

"Lmao sorry for being loquacious

"I think I'm too much for you," Chris wrote, according to the image.

Aly then chimes in, simply writing: "Cool."

According to her, this is the only thing she said in the whole text message exchange. But that didn't stop Chris from continuing on to explain why he's not the best suitor.

"I like you Aly, but I don't think I'm what you're looking for," he wrote before adding that he's there for her as a pal if she needs to chat.

Chris added: "I'm not trying to be a d*ck. I'm just being honest. I'm sorry, this is just how I feel.

"Also, I have major trust issues that I need to fix before I try to love someone."

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Once people came across the post, they couldn't help but poke fun or share how the conversation gave them the ick.

One person wrote: "He could date a chatbot that spit out random quotes from time to time, and it would take him at least a few weeks to notice."

"Quoting Marcus Aurelius is already ridiculous, but getting the wrong roman philosopher at first is lmaooooooo," another added while a third quipped: "Being unironically into stoicism is cringe. Not allowed if you're older than 23, sorry."

A woman also shared her experience dealing with people like this and wrote: "I've talked with guys like this, and I didn't say much more than 'cool' too, lol. It's exhausting."

Someone else added: "Damn, that dude has a complicated story going on in his brain."

Check out other reactions below.

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