What is 'free bleeding' and why have Gen Z embraced it?

What is 'free bleeding' and why have Gen Z embraced it?
Gen Z women are 'destigmatising' periods by ditching pads and tampons
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Gen Z is ditching sanitary products and encouraging others to do the same and try 'free bleeding'.

A recent surge of TikTok uploads shows women embracing the method and educating viewers on how to do it. The centuries-old practice is simply not using period products.

Some people, including prominent TikTokers, are taking part in a movement to remove the stigma and normalise free bleeding. Others are doing it for environmental factors as most products are single-use and disposable.

In one viral clip, Brittany (@odbrittany) tells viewers she is free bleeding and "it is not bad at all."

She explains how she purchased three pairs of reusable period pants from the brand Thinx and claims since using them indoors her "cramps are not bad compared to how they are when I'm wearing a tampon."

Brittany adds that she has tried other methods such as menstrual cups, but is pleasantly surprised that she likes the period pants.

"For some reason, while I'm wearing these underwear, my bleeding isn't as heavy and my cramps are nowhere near as bad," she continues.


I also havent had a headache yet 🙌🏾#freebleeder #freebleeding #freedbleed #menstrual #fyp

The TikToker's clip was soon inundated with comments from fellow free bleeders, with one writing: "Started free bleeding & my period is extra short & light!"

"I noticed wen i free bleed my period is shorter," another said, while a third added: "Thinx are the best. Changes my LIFE!"

Another creator Annette uploaded a video where she explains "free bleeding just hits different."

"I stay home when I’m on my period. I stay home and I bleed," she says, adding that when she goes out she uses period pants.

Dr Jenna Beckham, OB-GYN, clinical assistant professor and Flo medical board member also points out that some people are free bleeding as a result of period poverty that is happening across the world.

Some people "free bleed not by choice but because of lack of access to menstrual products," she explains.

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