Greggs 'employee' reveals the bakery chain's biggest secrets

Greggs closes for three days after squirrel infiltration

A Reddit user who claims they work for Greggs has revealed the bakery chain's biggest secrets.

Posting on the platform, the bakery worker called on people to ask them "anything" about the shop and people were definitely keen.

Over 2,000 comments rolled in with people desperate to know a number of things about Greggs.

One person asked why sausage and bean melts are "always cold".

"Because it’s not actually under a hot counter, so when it comes out the oven it’s going to get cold, you have to get there at the right time!" the Greggs 'whistleblower' replied.

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Another questioned if the worker had ever dealt with "weird customer requests".

"Yeah half of them who expect me to remember their orders, then verbally abuse me because I failed to remember everything they wanted," the Reddit poster replied.

A weird query was "have you ever tried crushing a sausage roll and snorting it?"

Unsurprisingly, the worker said they hadn't but added they would "add it" to their bucket list.

And they also revealed what "freebies" Greggs workers get at the end of the day when products go unsold.

"Yeah we get a magic bag… that costs £1 , you can have anything that’s going (1 pastry, 1 treat and 1 sandwich) or (2 pastries and 1 treat)" they wrote.

So now you know.

Greggs declined to comment on the claims.

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