3 things you should always do at the end of a job interview

3 things you should always do at the end of a job interview
Do This to Have a Good Job Interview

If you want to land a job, there are three things you should make sure you do at the end of an interview.

Speaking to Huffington Post, managers shared tips and revealed absolute clangers that can ruin your chances at getting hired.

Ask questions

One tip is that it is important to ask questions at the end rather than bring the conversation to an end.

“I’ve had executive-level candidates sometimes, who at the end of the interview … they only ask one question,” said Laura Hunting, CEO of Found By Inc., a talent agency and executive search firm specializing in design.

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“That’s not a good sign. It signals a lack of interest, a lack of strategic ability, a lack of experience. So I think really coming prepared to interview with follow-up questions is important and can make or break the experience.”

Don't leave without thanking the interviewer by name

Another is to not leave without thanking the interviewer by name.

Daniel Space, a senior human resources business partner said: “Making sure you are leaving off with the best possible impression will do a lot of good for you when [interviewers] then go on to the debriefing.”

Send a thank you note

Finally, some managers recommend sending a thank you note at the end of an interview, but others say it is unnecessary. So, it is important to suss the vibe during the chat and go with your instincts.

But if your interview was bad all round, don't worry about the end.

“If a candidate does a bad interview, nothing they can do at the end is going to save them,” Space said.

That's that then.

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