Why you should never wash your jeans, according to Levi's CEO

Why you should never wash your jeans, according to Levi's CEO
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Jeans are an item of clothing we all have in our wardrobe and we have our own opinion on how often we wash our pairs - but Levi's CEO has come out (once again) to urge people never to wash their jeans.

It's not the first time Charles 'Chip' Bergh has made this stance clear as he previously made a shocking confession that he had not washed his favourite pair of jeans in a decade.

However, in a recent interview with CNBC he warned against putting jeans in the washing machine (as "true denim heads" know), but that washing them in general is fine.

"I never said don’t wash your jeans," the Levi's CEO said.

"True denim heads, people that really love their denim, will tell you to never put your denim into a washing machine. So that’s what I do."

There has been a debate on how often jeans should be washediStockphoto by Getty Images

So what happens if they get dirty? Well, apparently the shower is the best place to give the jeans a clean.

"If I drop some curry on my jeans, I’m gonna clean it. But I’ll spot clean it. And if they get really gross you know, if I’ve been out sweating or something and they get really gross, I’ll wash them in the shower."

He further explained how this would require you to wear the jeans in the shower and cover them in soap as you would your body - not exactly the most comfortable cleaning job.

In terms of the environmental impact, Bergh noted how washing jeans in the washing machine can impact the garment's carbon footprint due to the amount of water needed to produce denim as well as the number of times people wash them.

To avoid contributing to the carbon cost of the UK's jeans (which is equal to a plane flying around the world 2,372 times as per Oxfam), there is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Leaving your jeans out in the sun to let the sunshine and heat get to them according to Levi Strauss & Co.

Meanwhile, Kelly Love from the eco-friendly brand Branch Basics advises doing this because the jeans will be cleaned a little thanks to the light and air which will break down microbes.

However, a chance would be a fine thing given the gloomy British weather...

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