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There are few places in a house where you can realistically put a washing machine.

Most people would opt for the kitchen, as it would appear to be the traditional placement for such an appliance. Or, if you're lucky enough, a garage or a laundry room.

Just as long as it is out of the way and not causing too much noise then it shouldn't cause too much hassle.

However, a fierce debate has kicked off on social this week after a Twitter user named @biebersgrills revealed that it is common in Germany for washing machines to be housed in bathrooms.

This tweet has kicked off a viral discussion on washing machines and it would appear that it's mostly us Brits who opt for the washing machine in the kitchen approach.

However, this would appear to be a complete and utter rarity as most places around the world including countries like the US, Australia, Romania, Norway and Finland etc prefer to keep their washing machines away from the kitchen.

Yet upon learning this revelation, some people appeared to think that actually putting your dirty clothes on to wash in a room where you were also having a wash is actually ingenious.

Others took to mocking those who have washing machines in their kitchens, which just seems a little unfair.

Others tried to valiantly solve the issue but we don't think everyone is actually ever going to agree on this.

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