This cheap and simple solution will stop ants getting into your home forever

This cheap and simple solution will stop ants getting into your home forever
TikToker sets up a restaurant for ants

The summer months allow us enjoy sunshine and nice weather - however, they also mean dealing with pesky insects invading our homes.

People often leave windows open to combat the rising temperature but this is how those insects and ants find a way inside.

It's not ideal for any home, but the good news is you don't need a pricey product to fix this problem.

In the Facebook group "Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips," named after the home cleaning influencer, someone asked how to combat black ants in her kitchen and plenty of people gave the same advice about a product which costs just £2, according to The Express.

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Apparently, ants can be stopped in their tracks thanks to a product you probably already own - talcum powder - as people suggested in the comments section.

One person wrote: "Talcum powder. I used it when I was invaded and it worked great."

"It’s so easy to do, I put it out near the points of entry around May time for a few years and now I don’t have to. Best discovery I made," another person agreed.

Someone else added: "Any old talcum powder can be used, it’s great and kills them all for good every time, and it’s not expensive."

“I sprinkle talcum powder around the back door and it works," a fourth person replied.

A 200g bottle of Talcum powder costs between £1.20 and £1.80 in British supermarkets, so there you have it.

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