Woman with two vaginas opens up about what she uses each one for

Australian woman adjusts to life with two vaginas
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A woman who has two vaginas has opened up about what she uses each one for.

Evelyn Miller discovered she had two wombs, two uteruses and two vaginas when she was 20.

She explained the condition has impacted her dating life and has required experimentation to work out what she likes.

Now, she has said she uses one side of her vagina for her husband, who also works on OnlyFans and the other for sex work and she has been trolled for doing so.

"My right vagina is my favourite so I keep that for my husband," she said.

She explained on trolls: “They can say some really nasty comments – judging me as a mother putting me down calling me a sl*t, saying ‘I wonder what it's like to have your husband not interested in you anymore’ and 'I just feel sorry for your kids’.”

She also gets criticism from family. Her husband Tom’s sister Emma was sent to discuss the situation on behalf of his parents.

“She was initially very reserved about meeting Evelyn, especially knowing what her background was and how we're getting into online work together,” Tom told Love Don't Judge .

I Have 2 Uteruses - One For My Husband & One For Work | LOVE DON'T JUDGE

Emma recalled: “When I found out she was an OnlyFans model I was quite shocked. Tom also took a while to tell me and we don't really have secrets between each other." She asked Evelyn what she thought, after learning that Tom’s family “had some pretty negative feelings” about the relationship.

Evelyn tried to challenge the idea that she was “sleeping around” as part of her OnlyFans work, explaining that “it’s actually him getting to sleep with all of my girlfriends”. But there was “definitely some judgment from dad's side of the family”, Emma said.

Evelyn said he'd be more likely to come around to accepting his son’s choices once he realised that it’s a professional career, and learned quite how much money they can make out of it.

She added that working together as they do, they have more time for each other and for their kids.

“In the start it felt unnatural, but over time we've learned to ease up and and it's been a lot of fun exploring our relationship in a different way…” Tom added.

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