Woman furious at husband who wants to name their child after a Star Wars character

Woman furious at husband who wants to name their child after a Star Wars character
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Would you allow your other half to name your child after their favourite movie character? Even if that character was Darth Vader?

That’s the "conundrum" one mother is facing after sharing her experience with social media users on Reddit.

An anonymous woman has revealed that her husband is trying to convince her to name their baby after Anakin Skywalker – the character who eventually goes on to become Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise.

The couple previously named their first child “Rowan” in recognition of the riders of Rohan in TheLord of the Rings.

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Writing in the post, the woman said: "We have a girl's name picked out, we are torn on boys names.

"We named our older son Rowan because we wanted something a little less common without being totally unheard of, which brings us to our current conundrum. I really like the name Maxwell although I'm slightly worried it, and other Max variations, are getting too popular.


She added: "My husband loves the name Anakin. I don't mind the name itself, it's what it's connected to that bothers me. I feel like our poor kid would go through his whole life hearing how he is named after Darth Vader."

While the woman isn’t a "huge Star Wars buff", she said that "he just really likes the sound of the name. I don't know what to do here.”

Reddit users were quick to reply to the post, and it’s safe to say most were against the proposed name.

One comment read: "I feel you, I like the name Anakin as well. Unfortunately, it's just a bad idea. The name was created for Star Wars. Its only connection is to Star Wars. Its not just frequently known to come from Star Wars, it is literally only from Star Wars."

Another wrote: "My nine-year-old cousin is named Anakin and I still think it's terrible. His nickname is Annie and I don't like that either.”

In response, one user said: "Anakin, a boy nick named Ani? Don't do it. I'm a massive Star Wars fan and I think it's a terrible named for a kid.

Another commenter said: "What about Luke instead, not super common yet still Star Wars related."

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