Woman sparks discussion for not letting her kids have husband's 'awful' surname

Woman sparks discussion for not letting her kids have husband's 'awful' surname
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Typically, your family's surname is something you can't choose - but one woman doesn't want her children to have her husband's "awful surname."

In a post to Reddit's "Name Nerds" forum, the mum who is expecting a baby with her husband whose surname is Butt expressed her concerns about how this could impact their child growing up.

"My husband’s last name is Butt," she began.

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"Can someone please help me illuminate to him why this last name is less than ideal," suggesting that the husband doesn't see eye-to-eye with her on this matter.

"I totally get we can’t shield kids from everything and I understand the whole family ties thing but cmon."

The woman doesn't want her child to be bullied for their surname iStockphoto by Getty Images

Then she concluded: "Am I being unreasonable by suggesting our future kid either take my name, a hybrid or a new one all together?"

After posting her dilemma, many people responded with their opinions - and most were in agreement with the woman that the baby's surname should be changed, approving the woman's different suggestions.

One person said: "My husband’s boss has a horrendous last name, worse than Butt, but he was self-aware enough to suggest his kids take his wife’s name.

"So that’s what they did and everyone’s happy, except for the boss’s parents."

"I’m honestly shocked your husband hasn’t changed his last name yet," another person wrote.

To which the woman replied: "The Butt family is a proud family."

Someone else added: "I knew a kid named Zack Butt. Teased relentlessly. At every age."

"No. I had a teacher with that name and we were the worst about it. Ask him to take your name or make a new one." a fourth person commented.

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