The world's worst-rated tourist sites are somewhat surprising

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The list was put together by storage company Stasher

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When it comes to holiday planning, knowing what to avoid is just as important as seeking out must-see spots.

Now, someone has put in the hard yards by compiling a list of the internet’s worst-rated tourist sites – and some of the entries might come as a surprise.

While Disneyland Paris and Iceland’s Blue Lagoon rank among the highest scoring attractions, there are some familiar names on the bottom end of the scale too.

The list was put together by Stasher, a reusable storage container company. Researchers combined scores from Google reviews and the quality of local accommodation.

They also took into account the distance from the closest international airport, tourist safety and TikTok popularity.

So here’s what to avoid if you’re heading abroad any time soon.

4. Busch Gardens, USA

A tiger is held in a chain by a zookeeper as three young men throw a soft toy at itAimee Jeansonne Becka/Busch Gardens via Getty Images

This whopping 335-acre animal theme park combines rollercoasters with cheetahs, lions and tigers, welcoming 4m visitors a year.

The Florida-based resort got a low score for pretty poor accommodation, according to Stasher. It’s also run by SeaWorld, the same company which came under fire for the infamous Blackfish documentary. Gulp.

3. Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal, a huge marble palace partially obscured by smog, with tourists in the foregroundPAWAN SHARMA/AFP via Getty Images

Some people may find it surprising that one of the seven wonders of the world is among the worst-rated tourist sites.

But sure enough, the Taj Mahal has made this list.

Turns out that for some internet reviewers, proximity to an airport is more important than spending some time at one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

The massive white marble mausoleum, built between 1631 and 1648 in Agra, houses the tomb of the fifth Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, and has become one of the great cultural symbols of India.

However, it is also 136 miles from the closest airport, which equates to a roughly four-hour drive. Might as well give it a miss then, eh?

2. Grand Bazaar, Turkey

Inside Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, a huge covered market. This bit contains lanterns, with arched ceilings.Julian Finney/Getty Images

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is thought to be the world’s oldest shopping malls, completed in 1460, and stretches over 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops.

Until the 20th century, it operated as a huge array of market stalls, where customers would sit and negotiate with shop owners.

Inside, it also boasts a beautiful array of historical features, some of which are still in operation, such as 17th century kiosks, centuries-old drinking fountains and its original architecture.

However, online reviewers were, again, unhappy with the fact it is a whole 28 miles from an airport.

Perhaps more understandably, it scored low on Stasher’s index because of a higher risk reported tourist safety score.

Nonetheless, it was getting 91,250,000 annual visitors pre-pandemic, and remains one of Turkey’s most enduring destinations.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame, California

Four marble stars embedded in a grey pavement. There is writing on them, but only the nearest is distinguishable, the name "ALI MACGRAW"Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ever wanted to look at Marylin Monroe’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Well, turns out you’ll have to put up with a “grubby and slightly scary” area, according to one Google Review.

Meanwhile, the United States’ poor global peace index of 3.85 dragged Hollywood Boulevard’s tourist hub right down the list.

Reviews even described the walk as “dirty” and “unsafe.”

It is not the first time the Walk of Fame has been named the world’s worst tourist attraction, either.

Back in 2019, the first tourist attractions study by Stasher came to the same conclusion.

Looks like the people looking after those famous stars have got some work to do.

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