One alarm, or many, many alarms?
One alarm, or many, many alarms?

Are you a still or sparkling kind of guy? An analogue or digital kind of girl? According to Portuguese illustrator João Rocha, there are two types of people in the world.

He's been running a hugely popular Tumblr page, aptly titled 2 Kinds of People, where he draws cartoons which show how people fall into one of two camps in almost every aspect of life.

Do you organise your apps or let them roam free?

Still or sparkling water?

Crusts or no crusts?

Bottle up or bottle down?

Straight cuts or diagonal cuts?

Analogue or digital?

Roll under or roll over?

How do you wear a baseball cap?

Silent or loudspeaker?

Rocha told indy100:

The inspiration started with me and my wife. A lot of the illustrations are based on us. We have a lot in common but we do things very differently between us.

I think it's that most people will immediately identify with one side and usually completely reject the other. Sometimes to the point that they cannot even believe that one would do something different than they would. There's just something about it that really connects with people I guess.

Which camps do you fall into? Let us know in the comments below...

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