Brighton named as the city in Britain where residents feel the proudest to live

People living in Brighton have been found to be the proudest residents out of 10 "leading cities" in the UK.

Research published by YouGov found that 91 per cent of inhabitants in the south coast city said they were proud to live where they did with only 9 per cent saying "not proud".

Most Brightonians cited local culture, local people, restaurants and good transport links as the things they took most pride in.

Here are the 10 cities ranked in order of pride:

1. Brighton (91%)

2. Edinburgh (90%)

3. Cardiff (89%)

4. Bristol (83%)

5. London (81%)

5. = Manchester (81%)

7. Belfast (72%)

8. Birmingham (70%)

9. Leeds (69%)

10. Nottingham (62%)

YouGov asked 100 people from 10 cities across the United Kingdom "How proud, if at all, are you of your city?"

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