The 10 best (rural) places to live in Britain

A survey to find the countryside spots with the best quality of life has revealed rural East Midlands is top of the tree. The study takes life expectancy, crime, weather, employment, schools, and personal well-being into account.

  1. Rutland, East Midlands
  2. Chiltern, South-east
  3. Uttlesford, East of England
  4. South Northamptonshire, East Midlands
  5. Rushcliffe, East Midlands
  6. Waverley, South-east
  7. South Cambridgeshire, East of England
  8. Mid-Sussex, South-east
  9. Huntingdonshire, East of England
  10. South Oxfordshire, South-east

Source: Halifax Rural Areas Quality of Life Survey

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